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Post by Cypher » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:20 am

Ensure that your new topics are in the correct forum.

Do not post topics or replies containing:
  • Subjects which have already been discussed numerous times (please Search first).
  • Flames directed towards other users (locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban).
  • Anything not relating to the original subject of the topic (although General Discussion is rather flexible).
  • Any degratory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which will be met with a swift ban).
Do not post spam.
  • Spam includes advertisments, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards.
  • Spammers will receive a swift kick in the ass, as well as a lengthy ban.
List of bannable offenses for the forums, and other services:
  • Pornographic Material(SFW anime/furry pictures are allowed).
  • Ceaseless Spamming.
  • Do not link to warez, cracks, or any other material that does not respect copyright.
  • Continuation of a warned offense.
  • Pissing Siman off or making his blood pressure rise.
  • Stealing Sharky's cookies(Even admin's may loose a finger or two).
  • Starting a political debate with a admin(We know this wont go will, so don't do it).
  • Being a asshat, or ruining everyone's fun.(Drunk people will get a temporarily ban).
Sometimes I and our admin's can be lazy, so don't expect these rules to be enforce in a timely manner.